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We can also do marbleized floor systems as shown in above photo using over 30 different metallic pigments to create literally thousands of different unique design patterns, and no two are the same. These floors can be super high gloss or we can tone it down to give you a satin finish while still maintaining that very desirable marble stone look.

If the marble look is not for you or your surroundings you can have a metallic floor by combining one or two colors of your choice to create a 3 dimensional effect perfect for your specific area.

Reflector Enhancer Flooring systems have been the hottest and most demanded commercial and residential flooring products since they were first introduced. The reasons? First of all, the instant eye catching "WOW  factor. As you can see these systems look like no other flooring product. Second, they are durable. Very durable. Tough enough to withstand vehicular traffic and yet beautiful enough for virtually any interior setting. Lastly, they are amazingly cost effective  and more affordable than most conventional  flooring products.

All Reflector Enhancer Flooring Systems are fluid  applied onsite creating a tough, seamless finish without grout lines. In addition, the resin components have a tremendous increase in tensile strength, compressive strength and abrasion resistance compared to that of tile, hardwoods, and polished concrete.

"Your Professional Epoxy Floor Coating Specialist"

​​From Garages to Airplane hangers

 our products

Mayo's Kustom Garage Floors uses only top quality name brand products in all of our floor coating projects.  Here at Mayo's, we feel that using quality products will give you a quality finished job that will last for years to come.

Rustoleum Corporation is our choice for top quality products.  We use everything from Epoxy Paints to heavy duty degreasers.  Some of the products we use on our garage floors, basements, concrete,  blacktop, are as follows.

Professional Floor Coatings

Epoxy Shield Professional Industrial Grade 2 part solvent based floor coatings.  All Epoxy Shield 2-part systems include the exclusive Rust-Oleum Cross Link Technology. This is the top of the line Epoxy Floor Coatings.

Some highlights are:

* 2-Part, solvent-based Epoxy

* Superior Resistance to chemicals, salt, oil, standing water,and wear from heavy traffic

* Great for garages, workshops, factories

* Comes in 4 popular colors

* Paint Flakes included

* No Peel Promise

Premium High Gloss Clear

Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Premium Clear is a premium high gloss clear coat applied over our various garage floor coatings.  This is the ultimate final stage on any Epoxy coated floor, giving a showroom quality appearance. This floor coating will be easy to clean and  maintain.

* High Solids Industrial Formula for ultimate adhesion and durability

* High Gloss Protective finish for coated or bare concrete surfaces.

* Tough two component coating forms a bond with the surface that is stronger than concrete.

* Helps prevent concrete chipping, cracking, dusting

* Easy to keep clean, high gloss finish

* Ideal for demanding environments---garages, workshops, stairways, hallways and more

* Antiskid available

Concrete Floor Paint

Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Concrete floor paint is 1-Part Advanced Acrylic Technology paint ready for us to use right out of the can. We can use this paint for those who want a product for a outdoor environment. We can  use this indoors also. This is available in 2 premixed colors, and 14 custom colors.

* Good for garages, carports, driveways, patios, walkways, basements, shop floors, and pool decks

* Interior/exterior durability 

* Easy soap and water cleanup

* Hot tire and chemical resistant

* Anti-skid available

* 1 coat coverage

* No Peel Promise