Concrete Floor Coatings And garage Floor Coatings

At Mayo's Kustom Garage Floors  of North Iowa & Southern Minnesota, we have a number of Services that we offer. Each and every coating that we apply is done with pride and satisfaction, knowing you are getting the best job possible by my team of installers. We want to be your choice for your Epoxy floor Paint, concrete floor coatings, garage floor paint.

*   We install Epoxy on Garage Floors

*   We install Epoxy on Basement Floors 

*   We install Epoxy on Bare Concrete surfaces

*   We install Epoxy on concrete steps

*   We install Epoxy on Block walls

*   We install Epoxy on walls

*   We install Epoxy on Shop Floors

*   We install Epoxy on Warehouse Floors


Transform your dull concrete into something extraordinary!

Give us a call today for a free estimate on you future coating needs

*   Easy to clean! Simply hose and squeegee, or mop with a mixture of water and vinegar

*   Seals concrete to prevent dusting, further damage and corrosion

*   Increase your home value

*   Resistant to salt, oil, harsh chemicals, or standing water

*   Anti slip surfaces available